Vaping and stopping smoking



why buy at argos?

With brands like blu, Socialites, Innokin, SMOK and Vype, there’s no better place to keep your vaping supplies topped up, whether you’re after e cigarette kits, e liquid refills, or replacement parts. And for those in search of crave relief from Nicorette, there are mouth sprays, lozenges, chewing gums, patches and inhalators which are as discreet as they are effective.

For those looking to upgrade to a premium e cigarette, the Socialites Expert range is a good choice, with its own special battery and safe coil changing system. For those starting out there are many affordable options, such as a Vype ePen starter kit or Innokin Jem.

We have many options for refill flavour including tobacco, menthol and a variety of fruity flavours. If Blu e liquid is your brand of choice, try my blu intense liquipods for a more intense nicotine experience. For a smoother vape go for high VG liquids, such as Aquavape’s 80-20.

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