Electrical supplies are a must in modern times for any keen DIY enthusiast. They help to keep your home running smoothly as you and your family go about daily life. We offer everything from power supplies and chargers to cable detectors and test meters. Take a look through our range and youíre sure to find exactly what you need.

Donít run out of juice. Powers adapters are ideal to have around the home for your battery-powered items including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Some options enable you to keep your USB devices up and running while leaving the plug socket free for other electrical applications.

Got some DIY work on the cards? If you want to get it done and dusted as efficiently as possible, then youíll need to be prepared ñ and you wonít get too far without some essential DIY tools and accessories. Itís always a good idea to have extension leads on hand. These give you much needed flexibility and with the variety of cable lengths we have available. Youíll be able to head out into the garden to enjoy some sunshine while youíre on the tools.

Speaking of tools, some absolute staples include the trusty screwdriver. Screwdriver sets are a great option to make sure youíve always got one to suit the task at hand, whether youíre changing up your dÈcor and tackling a flat-pack wardrobe, or youíve got some new light switches. And for those instances when the lights go out, torches are invaluable during a power cut, or even just taking the dog for a walk in the evening.to find the one for you.