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 The Magic of Moonlite!

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Add some magic to your storytime!

Creating a truly magical, immersive storytelling experience that fuels your child's imagination like no other is Moonlite – a story time projector for your mobile phone. Already an award-winning product, and as seen on Mumsnet,  Moonlite brings a modern twist to traditional storytelling. This small device clips onto your smartphone and uses the torch to project vibrant storybook images onto any surface. While projecting the storybook images, the Moonlite app displays story text and plays charming sound effects, creating a special story time experience for you and your child. Designed to be soothing and calming, Moonlite automatically operates in Night Shift mode to create a relaxing bedtime environment. Children will love reading classic stories including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Beatrix’s Potter’s the Tale of Peter Rabbit and more as their favourite characters come to life right in front of their eyes!

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Sleep is a luxury for new parents. Our collection of night-time essentials has been curated to help little ones drift off when it's time for lights out. Finally, both you and your baby can get a sound night of shuteye.

Start off with a baby monitor, which lets you keep a watchful eye over baby wherever you are in the house. Advanced night camera and microphone technology alerts you to any disturbance. Next, get out and about with a stroller – all that fresh air is bound to help when it comes to nap time.

If you're on the move, try a baby carrier to keep them snug and secure. Tuck up your tot up in one of our baby blankets to make sure they're cosy, wherever you're heading. When you come back to the nursery, baby pillows and soft cot mattresses will keep them comfy and support their little body throughout the night.

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