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Choose from our range of baby feeding equipment and be fully prepared to take on mealtime. You can't always be there when tots are tiny, so make use of kits that let you express breast milk. And as they grow older and you start weaning them onto solids and leaving the nursing chair, you'll want to make sure they're sitting somewhere that's safe and supportive.

When you stop breastfeeding or if they're on formula, good-quality Avent bottles are sturdy, easy-to-clean and comfortable to hold. They offer a selection of teat shapes so you can opt for a design and texture that best suits your little one. And as the blissful post-feed snooze kicks in, you'll want to have a baby pillow and a soft baby blanket on hand.

Being well organised is the key to stress-free changes. Keeping your baby changing bag fully stocked with the essentials means dirty nappies can be gone and bottoms cleaned as quick as a flash. Having a few baby toys on hand to create a distraction always helps, too.

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