Baby and Christening gifts

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Give the new arrival in your life something to cherish forever with our baby and christening gifts. Choose from traditional silverware, gorgeous baby clothes, or go for a fun toy to make them smile. And if you’re attending a celebration, check out our baby shower ideas for top gift ideas.

Baby toys are vital for the happiness and development of your little one. Once they get a bit older, keep them entertained with baby swings. Look for one with a comfortable harness for extra security. Once they're tired out from all that play, keep them comfy during nap time with heat-regulating baby pillows. Pick pillows made from sturdy foam for ultimate support.

A soft, snuggly baby blanket will help them sleep through the night. Choose a loose knit to let them move around freely. And for extra peace of mind, a baby monitor will let you keep track of your little one from anywhere in the house. Choose one with an infrared camera so you can see them in the dark.

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