Rustic home décor

Love the country look? Try these ideas for getting the modern rustic trend in your kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Rustic home decor.

What is rustic style?

Designed to evoke the feeling of the countryside and rural living, rustic décor should be full of raw textures, earthy colours and tweed and tartan textiles. Rustic homewares often have a rugged vibe, with any natural imperfections only adding to its character.

Create a rustic living room

Give your living room a cosy, cottage vibe with these rustic decorating ideas.

Opt for warm wood tones

Natural wood is key when it comes to selecting furniture for a rustic living room. Go for woodsy pieces that are not painted on, and have an interesting wood grain. If you want to create contrast, pair light wood pieces with a dark wood like walnut.

Choose traditional patterns

Plaid, tartan and tweed are especially suited to a rustic interior. Not only do they exude cosiness, they mix well with earthy hues and natural wood tones. They can be seamlessly worked into your accessories through rugs, cushions and throws.

Accent with animal motifs

Woodland creatures such as rabbits, foxes, owls and deer are commonly found in rustic designs. You can incorporate them into your scheme through soft furnishings and accessories, as well as wall art and ornaments.

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Get the farmhouse kitchen look

Bring a farmhouse feel to your kitchen with these interior design tips.

Pick natural or neutral colours

Light, neutral colours such as cream and off white can give a kitchen a homely, lived-in feel. You can use it on cabinets, on the walls and via kitchen appliances. For a more modern feel, mix in some natural tones through wooden countertops and furniture pieces.

Add faux plants and flowers

Adding greenery in the form of flowers and indoor plants can help elevate your farmhouse décor. Whether you place them on a windowsill, as a table centrepiece, or dotted around in vases, a touch of greenery brings a rustic design to life.

Accessorise with vintage-inspired items

With a farmhouse kitchen, everything is on display, so you’ll want to choose tableware and accessories that complements the mood you want to create. Look for vintage-inspired pieces, like mason jars, milk jugs and galvanized buckets to communicate an authentic country house feel.

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Country bedroom ideas

Design a gorgeous country-style bedroom brimming with rustic charm.

Layer up texture

Texture is an essential part of a country-style design. Use relaxed, woven fabrics with tufting and trims to create a cosy and inviting bed. Add a few focal point pieces like a faux sheepskin area rug or a wooden, rustic bed frame.

Add a touch of chintz

Chintzy patterns and fabrics work well as a decorative accent in a bedroom with a country theme. If used sparingly on throw pillows, blankets and bedspreads, you can make a space feel more comfortable and homely.

Mix eclectic accessories

To pull your look together, put a few characterful accessories on show. Think floral decorations, alongside thrift store finds and vintage one-offs. You could also mix in some vivid prints and patterns to modernize the look.

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