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Cleaning checklist

Need to deep clean but don’t know where to start? Make surfaces sparkle from top to bottom with our cleaning kit and checklist.

Cleaning checklist.

Give every inch of your house the attention it deserves with our cleaning checklist. Here’s our room-by-room guide, plus the cleaning kit you need to make the job as easy as possible.

Living room

Living and dining room cleaning

As the rooms where you spend most of your time and that guests are most likely to see, the living and dining rooms are usually top of the list when it comes to cleaning.

Essential tasks

Dust and polish any tables, cabinets, TV units, ornaments and photo frames. Wipe down the TV screen and mirrors with a cloth and the cleaning product of your choice and finish off by hoovering up any leftover dust and dirt.

Don't forget

Sofas and armchairs. Remove surface dust with a handheld vacuum cleaner and then get to work on any stains and marks. Always check the labels on your upholstery to see the best way to clean, and don’t forget any hidden areas, like under the cushions where dirt can build up over time.

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Finishing touches

It’s not a thorough clean without polishing and wiping down any light fittings, light switches and door knobs. Ceiling lights and fans can also accumulate dust and lose their shine if they’re not cared for. Vacuum any rugs, or throw them in the washing machine, if their labels say it's suitable.


Cleaning the kitchen

Day-to-day food and drink prep can leave your kitchen full of stains and crumbs, while other jobs may get missed in a standard clean.

Essential tasks

Clean the countertops, hob, sink and draining board of grime and stains. Clear out any unused or out of date food from the cupboards, fridge and freezer. Follow up with a thorough vacuum, clean up the dirt from the sides, and a mop or steamer should clear away stains on tiled flooring.

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Don't forget

The oven. Often forgotten but recommended to be cleaned at least every 6 months. Similarly, small appliances like the toaster, kettle and microwave can accumulate grime and need to be disinfected regularly.

Finishing touches

Complete your kitchen clean by giving the cupboards, light fittings, door handles and the buttons and handles on your large appliances a good dust and polish. Give the same treatment to the cooker hood, another task that can often be forgotten.


Cleaning the bedrooms

As we spend most of the day in other rooms, bedrooms can sometimes get the least love when it comes to cleaning, but there’s plenty you can do to keep them fresh.

Essential tasks

There’s often lots of dust hiding under the bed, so a thorough vacuuming is a must-do. Make time to dust and polish the window sills, drawers, wardrobes and bed side tables before you vacuum, as well as wiping down light fittings, ceiling fans and light switches.

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Don't forget

The mattress. While your bed linen may get a regular wash, your mattress probably doesn’t. A handheld vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment is the best way to remove any stains and dust from your mattress.

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Finishing touches

Bedrooms can often get stuffy and therefore they can benefit from a little fresh air. Open the windows while you clean, especially as you’ll be clearing up a lot of dust from under the bed. A thorough bedroom clean is also the best time to donate or throw out unwanted clothes and shoes.


Cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom is often the room most in need of a deep cleanse, but there’s some jobs that can get missed during a standard clean.

Essential tasks

The sink, bath, toilet and shower obviously require a deep anti-bac to leave them fresh and shining again. A thorough bathroom clean will include wiping down tiles and grout – especially the corners, which can build up hard-to-spot dirt.

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Don't forget

The shower curtain. Day-to-day use can take its toll on your shower curtain. A quick spin in the washing machine is usually enough to have them looking fresh again. It’s also a good time to clean your floormats and towels.

Finishing touches

Remove any dust from the extractor fan, clean out the bathroom bin and wipe down your taps and shower head. It’s also a great time to cull any unused or empty toiletry bottles, which can build up on the sides and in your bathroom cabinets.


How to clean carpets

A bespoke carpet cleaner provides more thorough results than a standard vacuum cleaner. They use a mixture of water and cleaning solution to clear embedded dirt. If you have pets, some models are specifically designed to deal with any hair or stains they leave behind.

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How to clean laminate flooring

It can take more than a quick vacuum to fully clean laminate flooring. A damp or dry microfibre mop is the best option as it can remove embedded stains and dirt. You can also use a broom to lift any dirt and dust not picked up by your vacuum cleaner.

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How to clean tiled flooring

Tiled floors can lose their shine if not maintained properly. Using a steam cleaner or gently wiping with a cloth or soft brush is the best way to clean tiles, without embedding the grime even further.

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Windows & curtains

How to clean your windows

Cleaning the inside of your windows is a task that’s easy to forget. A window vac is the easiest way to make quick work of cleaning glass, and likely to leave you wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner.

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How to clean curtains

There’s a few options for cleaning your curtains. A handheld vacuum is a great way to remove surface dust and dirt. For a deeper clean, you may want to put them in the washing machine or hand wash them, but you should check the label beforehand.

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