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If you’ve always wished you could play the piano like Elton John or the violin like Nigel Kennedy, then why wait? We’ve got a great range of instruments and accessories to help you get your musical career started, many with free delivery included. From drums and percussion to electric guitars, pianos and violins, take your pick and start to unlock your inner performer!

If you don’t have room for a full-size piano, check out our keyboards for flexible, portable options. Casio keyboards are great for new starters and Yamaha keyboards are an industry staple.

Easy to learn but hard to master – guitars are a very popular choice. Not only are they prevalent in popular music, they’re intuitive, portable and available on any budget. Classical guitars have nylon strings, so they are perfect for beginner fingers before making the move to the metal strings of an electric or acoustic guitar.

Make sure you get all the accessories needed. A capo lets you easily transpose the key of a song. Guitar cases are essential for storage and transportation, whilst guitar stands are great for displaying your toys and keeping your guitar secure on stage.