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1. Know your treadmills

An exercise treadmill is like a conveyor belt designed for running on, giving you a running track that only takes up a few square metres. Treadmills exercise your thighs (quadriceps and hamstrings), calves, and of course your heart.

The muscles a treadmill keeps healthy are: primary workout area - the heart and hamstrings,  light workout area - triceps and calfs.

Using a fitness treadmill is great for all the family, whatever your fitness levels. Walking and running are the most natural forms of exercise, and with a treadmill you can do both in the comfort and safety of your home.

There are two main types – manual and motorised ( or electric) treadmills. As you move up in price, motorised treadmills offer you inclines (tilt like a hill!), programmes to simulate different hills and speeds, while a heart monitor tells you how fast your heart is beating – and not just from excitement!

Types of treadmills

Here’s what the jargon means…

Manual treadmills Manual treadmills are low cost – you ‘push’ the track along with your feet as you walk. Some have magnets in the frame that keep the track rolling smoothly as you exercise.
Motorised or electric treadmills Motorised or electric treadmills move the track under your feet as you walk or run along it – and you can vary the speed to suit your fitness level.
Folding treadmills Folding treadmills are designed to fit into the home with ease - they're collapsible, fitting vertically into a cupboard or other storage space.
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Argos guide to treadmills

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