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4. Jargon Buster

Rowing machine terms explained

Like all health and fitness equipment, rowers use some terms you might not be familiar with. Here’s a list of the most common ones.

Bar The handle you pull while rowing.
Console The controls on the front panel of the rower.
Cable The ‘string’ connecting the bar to the machine’s frame.
Display The digital readout on the front panel of the rower.
Frame The structure, usually metal tubes, that all the moving parts of the rower attach to.
Heart monitor A sensor that takes your pulse and displays it for you.
Programmes The various choices of workout on a rower, such as Training Row, Coxed Workout, and Timed Tempo.
Saddle/seat Where you sit. On most rowers, it moves forwards and backwards as you row.
Stroke One complete pull and release of the rowing bar.
Tempo The 'beat' of your strokes, for example 20 strokes/minute. Some machines let you set the tempo you're aiming for and sound a regular 'beep' to keep pace with.
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Argos guide to rowers

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