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3. Choosing a rower that's right for you

Making the right decision

Now you're armed with the right information, it's time to make a shortlist. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before you buy.

What are my fitness goals?

Decide what you want from your decision to buy a rowing machine. Are you looking to lose weight, or feel healthier, or keep up with your ‘real’ rowing during cold and wet winter months?

What different rowers will do

Lose weight A low-cost rower with light resistance will get you sweating away those calories - rowers are among the best fat-burning machines.
Become stronger A rower with a range of resistance settings will give you the tough strokes to build muscle.
Become faster A rower with light resistance but a variety of programmes to maximise your aerobic fitness.
Have fun Any rower with a cable pull rather than a fixed swing adds an element of skill to your workout, increasing enjoyment as you improve.
Train for an event A rower with a range of resistance and programmes to give you an all-round workout

Will it fit my home?

Rowers are surprisingly compact, because many are light in weight - you can lean them against a wall or inside a cupboard when not in use. Some are designed to fold too, making them even smaller. So any home's got room for a rower - or even two - so the family can train together!

What are the costs?

Basic folding rowers are great value, and will give you a safe, fat-burning workout - at very low cost. But to add interest to your workout, look at models with a range of resistance and programmes that can vary your routine and build steady fitness over time - they'll cost less than twice as much.

Don't I need to be fit to start with?

No! It's true professional rowers are among the fittest of athletes, but rowing machines are designed to offer you a gentle start, with low-impact, low-resistance strokes you can increase at your own pace. And because you row sitting down, it's not as painful as running if you're a bit out of condition.

What else do I need?

A rowing machine as part of a healthy lifestyle will keep your heart healthy and your back strong. But it's less effective on your lower legs. So if you’re not buying any other piece of equipment, add some running, walking, or skipping to your exercise routine to keep your calves and ankles fresh.

There’s a huge variety of rowers on the market - but the one you choose needs to fit your healthy lifestyle, too.

Compare rowers

Using the Argos Comparison Table

Sometimes you want to see features side-by-side. It’s easy! When you view any range of rowers – you’ll see a ‘Compare products/Go’ link on the right, with a tickbox for each piece of equipment.

Tick the rowers you’re interested in and hit ‘Go’ – you’ll be shown a handy table comparing all their main features, making it easier to choose. Why not try it right now?

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