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Get more from your digital SLR camera

The great thing about owning a digital SLR camera is that as your photography skills develop, your camera can grow with you. A range of accessories is available to help you take extra special photos, including tripods to keep the camera steady, powerful flashes for great indoor shots, and memory cards to store hundreds or thousands of pictures with ease.

Stay steady with a tripod

Even the shakiest hands aren't a problem if you team your digital SLR camera with a tripod. Some tripods have flexible legs to adjust to uneven surfaces, while some expand lengthwise. And while a small tabletop tripod is great for photographing a bowl of flowers, you'll need something taller if you're into landscapes.

Light it up with a flashgun

Flash equipment for today's digital SLR cameras does more than just flash. Many include lenses of their own - 'throwing' the flash some distance away, onto the object you're zooming in on. And some will calculate this distance, too.

Memory, power & printing

With higher resolutions, digital SLR cameras need more memory than compact digital cameras, so we recommend you buy a bigger memory card to take and store more pictures. Make sure you order the right type of card - there are several types. The correct type is noted for each camera.

Most digital SLR cameras use Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries. Lithium Ion ones are better for the environment than standard AA batteries, and slimmer and lighter too!

You can also display your photos in style using a state-of-the art digital frame - just slot in your memory card and view your photos one at a time, or as a slideshow. Some also let you zoom and rotate your pictures.

Using the Argos Comparison Table

Wouldn't it be useful to review all those features side-by-side? It's easy! When you view any range of digital SLR cameras, you'll see a 'Compare Products / Go' link on the right, with a tickbox for each item. Just click the cameras you're considering to view their features in a handy table.

We also stock a full range of lenses, tripods, batteries, memory cards and frames to help you get the most out of your digital photography.

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Argos guide to digital SLR cameras

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