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Your guide to pools

Kids love to splash around in a pool on a hot summer’s day and with our wide range of pools all the family can join in the fun. Children should always be supervised by an adult when using a pool.

Inflatable pools

Inflatable poolsA paddling pool is easily inflated and filled as soon as the sunshine appears. Smaller inflatable pools are ideal for younger children, whilst certain models are large enough for the whole family.

Quick up pools

Ideal for all the family to enjoy, as the name suggests, these are quick and easy to set up in a few simple steps:

  • Quick up poolsSpread out the pool liner on level ground.
  • Inflate the top ring.
  • The pool will rise as it’s filled with water.

Quick up pools are also easy to store and put away after the summer is over.

Frame pools

Frame poolsA sturdier alternative with a bigger swimming area, frame pools are ideal for larger families and groups.

  • Rust-resistant galvanised metal frames.
  • Heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply walls.
  • No tools required, as all metal beams and joints pin or snap together for fast, easy construction.

Many of our larger frame pools come with a free DVD detailing pool set up and maintenance.

Situating your pool

When deciding where to situate your pool:

  • Ensure you take into account the dimensions once it has been inflated and filled.
  • Situate on a level surface, with plenty of room around the pool to make it easy and safe to get in and out.


Some of the larger pools come with a filter pump to keep the water clean and a repair patch to mend any small tears or punctures.