Love fashion? You'll love DesignaFriend dolls!

Exclusive to Argos, each 18-inch doll has her own trendy look, silky hair for styling and comes with a gorgeous charm bracelet for you too. Dress them up for hours of fashionable fun.

DesignaFriend collection

Fashion dolls

Say hello to your new best friend, with her own signature look. Which doll will you take home?

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Outfits & accessories

Dress to impress with stylish DesignaFriend clothes and accessories for any occasion.

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Furniture & playsets

All dressed up and nowhere to go? From gymnastics class to festival glamping, explore popular playsets to start your adventure.

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Ready to play

DesignaFriend boutique playset.
DesignaFriend boutique playset.

DesignaFriend boutique playset

Fashion never sleeps at the boutique! There are so many funky oufits to try, you can go on the ultimate shopping spree.

Why you'll love her

Perfectly huggable

Give your doll a big squeeze! She's 18 inches tall and has a super soft body for lots of cuddles.

Rosy cheeks

With sparkly eyes and life-like lashes, your pretty new DesignaFriend is sure to turn heads.

Brushable hair

Bubble braids, or a classic plait? However you want to style her silky smooth hair, your imagination is the limit!

Hair inspiration

Curly or straight?

Keep your doll's hair in perfect condition with these handy styling and maintenance tips. While you're at it, why not design a custom outfit too? With a fabulous new look, printable invites and decorations, you're ready to throw the ultimate DesignaFriend party!

Hair care & styling tips

Outfits for any occasion

What's your DesignaFriend up to today? Find the perfect look, from glamorous get-ups to cosy onesies.

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