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Garden hot tubs

Having your own outdoor hot tub has become hugely popular, with many enjoying their bubbly benefits all year round - so what's stopping you?


Location, location, location

Think about where you will place your spa. It will need a level, solid base with access to both water and electricity supplies.


Size matters

Consider how much space you have in your garden and how many people you expect to have in the hot tub at once.


How expensive is it to run?

The estimated running costs of heating your tub are typically £7-£10 per week.


How long will it take to heat?

The water in your tub will usually take between 10-12 hours to heat up when you first install and switch on.

Inflatable hot tub

Simple, stylish and soothing. An inflatable hot tub is easy to set up and offers an affordable entry route into an at-home hot tub or spa. Heaters keep your guests warm while some models have multi-coloured LED lights to add fun flair to an evening's entertainment

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Image of a woman in an inflatable hot tub relaxing.
Image of a fixed hot tub submerged into a decking area.

Fixed hot tub

Ready anytime, rigid hot tubs are ideal for year-round bubbles and offer stability and style. Look out for impressive extras like waterfall features and Bluetooth sound systems. With a powerful air jet, you and your whole family can enjoy comforting, warming relaxation.

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3 piece hot tub cleaning kit.

Keep it clean

You should drain and clean your hot tub every 3 to 4 months. Depending on how frequently you use the tub, you'll need to change the water at varying times.

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Hot tub chemical starter kit box.

Check the water

Chemical starter kits give you the chemicals and test strips you need to keep the water hygienic and safe. As a guide, the PH levels should fall between 7.0 and 7.6.

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Hot tub cover cap in grey.

Cover it up

Not all spas come with covers so you may need to purchase separately. Match up the measurements for a tight fit that retains heat and keeps debris out.

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Lay-z spa dome cover for a hot tub.

Hot tub surrounds

Enjoy your spa whatever the weather.

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Image of a navy blue step on the side of an inflatable hot tub.

Hot tub steps & storage

Store towels and robes.

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Green aromatherapy beads for a hot tub.

Hot tub aromatherapy

Available with certain models.

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