Life is full of incredible moments. Be present in them and enjoy them, but also capture them forever with one of our cameras or camcorders. After the moment is gone and the memories fade you can look back on beautiful, sharp photos and high definition video that will take you right back to when it happened.

Our range of DSLR cameras runs from the entry level to the professional, which means that incredible pictures can be yours no matter what your budget is. Whether you want a Canon camera or a Nikon, we've got the latest models to choose from. The big benefit of a DSLR over a traditional compact point-and-shoot digital camera is the versatility you get with the ability to swap lenses. Your camera lens is a major (perhaps the most) important component in the quality of your final image. Choosing the right lens for the situation and the type of shot you want can make all the difference in the final result. From macro lenses to close up work and wide angle and zoom lenses, it's important that you use the right lens, which does require some forethought but it's well worth the effort. Make sure that you grab an extra SD card or two as shooting with modern high-powered DSLRs, especially in RAW format, results in files that are very large and there's nothing more frustrating than missing out on that perfect picture because your memory card is full.

Go from high tech to lo-fi with a Polaroid camera. These nostalgic blasts from the past are back in fashion again after years out of the limelight. There's something about the instant and very tactile nature of the medium and the excitement of waiting to see the image gradually sharpening up, that makes these cameras fun for parties and other social events. Or perhaps turn your hobby into a video-blog, or vlog with these vlogging cameras.

For the adventurers out there grab a GoPro and capture incredible images and video of your travels. GoPros can be kitted out with additional accessories that will let you get footage no matter where you go. Halfway up a mountain? No problem. Out on a paddleboard exploring coves and beaches? Not an issue. The GoPro can handle whatever you throw at it, while you get on with having fun. And if you're fed up of visits to the print shop grab a photo printer and you can make beautiful prints to decorate your home or just stash in a photo album to enjoy at your own leisure.