Welcome to IntelĀ®

Buying a computer doesn't have to be so hard. Start with the processor. Finding the perfect Intel processor is easier than you think, if you know what to look for.

Welcome to IntelĀ®.

The Intel processor

Look for Intel

If the Intel badge is outside, it means that inside, you get the processor that over 2 billion PCs run on*, from the brand with 50 years of product innovation.

The processor is the brain of your PC

Buying a computer doesn't have to be so hard. Start with the processor. It's like the brain of your computer and one of the most important parts. Whether you get a laptop, a desktop or a 2 in 1, with an Intel processor you can't go wrong.

Which Intel processor is for you?

Like a brain, your processor controls what your PC does. That means the videos you watch, the games you play, the websites you visit, all start with your processor.

Smart PC

Intel Celeron - Inside

Browse web pages, shop, school work, basic productivity applications, play very basic games.

Great computer for single tasks like launching a web browser or running an office application.

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Intel Pentium - Silver

Stream or watch a video, shop online, chat with friends, read & write emails, play basic games.

Open multiple browser tabs and office applications seamlessly.

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Smarter PC

Intel Pentium - Gold

Multi-task easily, play fun games on 1 or 2 displays, basic content creation & editing.

Seamlessly launch an application and stream a video while other tasks run in the background.

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Intel Core i3 - 8th Gen

Excellent for everyday tasks, playing fun games, web surfing, multi-tasking, opening multiple browser tabs and switching between applications quickly.

Up to 10 hours of battery life and enjoy up to a whole work day of freedom. Or have a movie marathon without having to plug in!

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Genius PC

Intel Core i5 - 8th Gen

Touch screen to launch programs, multi-task between browser windows or swipe through a document quickly.

Great 4K video quality for gaming with super smooth playback and for all those movies and videos – no spinning wheels or hiccups!

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Intel Core i7 - 8th Gen

Get the powerful performance required to play all your favourite video games, become fully immersed in Windows Mixed Reality, launch applications fast and move between them smoothly and seamlessly. All this amazing performance while enjoying all-day battery life.

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Key things to consider

A better processor allows you to do more with your PC. The same is true for storage and memory. The more you have, the more you can do.

More storage, more in one place

If storage is like a box that holds everything on your PC, then the more storage you have the more your PC can hold. That means you can keep old files, and store larger files like music and video. As a guide, 500GB of storage would let you store up to 100 hours of video. There are two main types of storage: Hard Disk Drives (HDD), which typically have more storage, and Solid State Drives (SSD), which are usually faster.

More memory, more agile performance

Your memory (or RAM) is like a coat rack. It keeps the things you need close by. To easily run multiple programs at once, 8 GB RAM is a standard amount.

Discover Intel optane memory

IntelĀ® Optaneā„¢ memory

Access your most used applications faster and accelerate your productivity. Intel® Optane™ Memory remembers the way you work and prioritises what matters to you, letting you launch apps, open files or load games quicker than ever.

*Based on application processor information for desktop and notebook unit shipments from January 2010 through June 2018 as reported in IDC's Worldwide Personal Computing Device Tracker (10/30/2018).

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