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Before you start

There are a few things to think about before you decide which E-reader is right for you.

What memory space do you need?

Many E-readers come with an internal storage space of 4GB. This is enough room for around 3000 books. If you think you will need more storage space, look for models that come with a memory card slot.

3G or not 3G?

If you don't have access to Wi-Fi, certain E-readers will let you access the internet via a 3G cellular network. This accessing cost is usually factored into the device's price and means you can download new books whenever you have network coverage.

What online stores can you use?

Most E-readers can download content from any digital bookstore offering ePub files. The biggest exception is the Kindle, as Amazon uses a Digital Rights Management system to ensure only eBooks bought from the Amazon store can be viewed on the device.

Would a tablet be better?

If you are looking for lots of extra features, such as surfing the web, it may be worth considering a tablet. Their screens are not as suited for reading, however they offer a wider range of functions and it is possible to download apps that let you store and read books.

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What are the different types of E-readers?

The features offered by different E-readers depends on which brand you choose. The main E-reader brands available in the UK are the Amazon Kindle and the Kobo.


  • The e-ink screen means that there is no glare, even in direct sunlight.
  • Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage models adjusts the screen brightness to suit your surroundings.
  • Kindles can increase or decrease the text to up to 10 different sizes.
  • Over 4 million books can be downloaded from the Amazon online store.
  • Kindles support eBooks bought through their book store, as well as PDF and other image files.
  • Both Wi-Fi enabled models and 3G devices are available.


  • All models feature an e-ink screen which replicates the quality of ink on paper.
  • 'ComfortLight' technology illuminates the screen so you can read comfortably, whatever the conditions.
  • Functionality to change the font style and size to make reading more comfortable.
  • Large book selection available from their online store, also compatible with ePub files available from other stores.
  • Not 3G enabled, so will require Wi-Fi access to browse and download books.



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