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Celebrating 150 years

We’re celebrating 150 years of providing and caring for our customers. We’re working hard to help reduce environmental impact and to help care for your future so we’re excited to launch our Drury Lane clothing collection. The collection contains recycled yarns and sees casual and comfortable dressing meet future facing issues about the future of our environment.

Gender neutral collection

This collection provides comfortable, everyday dressing that’s easy and current. All of the jersey is for the whole family to wear, whatever age or gender you are. We’ve designed this collection to be inclusive for everybody, regardless of gender and likewise be generational for all ages.

Better Cotton Initiative

BCI aims to promote improvements in the farming of cotton in order to make it more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. We’re supporting BCI farmers to help protect the environment and working for global change.

This initiative enables a more sustainable approach to fashion cotton producers to achieve better yields, reduce their environmental footprint and benefit from greater financial security from a global market for sustainable cotton.

Recycled yarns

Recycled yarns help reduce environmental impact and are produced through the use of waste product; including plastic bottles, and ultimately reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. This collection is committed to being more caring and having an actively positive impact on the environment.

Give these products a longer life, please re-use and recycle once you are done with them.

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