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Smart Home Devices

What is a smart home? It's home control from your smartphone. Using your Wi-Fi, you can turn up the heat, answer the door, dim the lights and more - wherever you are.

Smart speaker set on table top in living room

Choose a smart speaker to talk to

Your voice-activated home assistant. Whatever you need, all you have to do is ask. You can request your favourite track to listen to, arrange your calendar, order your shopping and so much more. Use a smart speaker to control your smart home - say "lights off" and they're off, ask for more heat and it warms up. Your smart home is yours to command.

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How smart is a smart speaker?

Watch us put Alexa, Homepod and Google Home to the test by pitting their knowledge against that of TV quiz legend and Cambridge University alumni, Bobby Seagull.

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Ready to experience hands-free shopping? Let us introduce you to Argos on the Google Assistant.

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Smart thermostat discreetly placed in home.

Smart heating - never come home to the cold

With smart heating you can adjust the heat from anywhere, get reminders if you've left the heat on, or use GPS to turn it off automatically when you leave. All you have to do is replace your old thermostat. Most homes with a thermostat and boiler are compatible, some manufacturers may provide free installation or offer it as an extra.

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Couple relaxing in lounge with soft lighting.

Switch on to smart lighting

Left a light on downstairs? Grab your phone and switch if off. Fancy watching a film? Dim the lights without standing up. There's no more reaching for the switch with smart lighting, simply pick up a starter set that has a smart hub, replace your old bulbs and connect the hub to your Wi-Fi network.

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Smart plug connected to power socket

Engage with smart power

Forgot to turn something off? With a smart plug you can use your phone to turn any appliance on or off whether you're in bed or on the sofa. Going away? Set a schedule to turn lights on and off so it looks like you're still at home. There's no expensive cables, all you need is Wi-Fi set up at home. Download an app, put the smart plug into your socket and you're ready.

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Check out smart monitoring

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Using smart phone to talk to delivery man at door

Keep an eye on your home with cameras that connect straight to your phone. Get alerts with smart doorbells, and answer with your phone so you can tell people you're busy or where to leave the parcel. Smart cameras are ideal for security or for watching the kids and smart smoke alarms speak to you so you can act quickly, whether it's burnt toast or something more serious. Just download an app and connect the camera and sensors to your home Wi-Fi and smart devices.

Kit out your kitchen with smart appliances

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Washing machine being controlled from tablet

Adjust the temperature of your fridge or cooker wherever you are. Set a recipe program and let your cooker create the perfect delicious result. See what food is in your fridge without having to open the door. Let the dishwasher and washing machine choose the perfect program so everything comes out spotless. Kitchen control - straight from your phone.

Fetch the best pet gadget

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Cat eating from digital feeder

Use monitoring systems to watch and communicate with your pet wherever you are, enjoy live video and use two-way audio systems to talk to them. Keep out fluffy intruders with microchip pet flaps and digital feeders programmed to only open for your pets. And with connected pet flaps, lock and unlock the flap using your phone.


Smart home compatibility

Will my smart bulbs work with the Amazon Echo? Check smart products' compatibility with our handy table.

  Amazon Echo Google Home Sonos IFTTT Apple Homekit Samsung Smartthings Nest Philips Hue
Bosch Home Connect          
Mi Home        
Netatmo Select items Select items Select items Select items Select items    
Samsung Smartthings Select items Select items Select items    
Tp Link      

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