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Look your best and feel fresh. From shaving kits to beard trimmers, body care essentials to perfumes, dive in to explore all things grooming.

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Hair care

Everyday styling.

Everyday styling

If you've got thick hair that doesn't airdry how you'd like it to, using a hairdryer is a great way to tame and style your cut - and speed up your just-out-the-shower routine. Straighteners are an option if you have a fringe or want a smooth finish.

TOP TIP: IF you're looking for extra hold, try adding a hair styling product, like a gel or wax, before you blow-dry.

At-home hair cuts.

At-home hair cuts

Clippers let you recreate lots of hairstyles at home. If your style is simple and the same length all over, you should be able to achieve a neat finish on your own. But you'll need help at the back if your cut has a gradient.

TOP TIP: Hair gets everywhere, so choose a space with an easy to sweep floor and pop down some newspaper or a bin bag before you start.

How to cut your hair at home

The most versatile tool for doing your own hair is a grooming kit. These all-in-one hair trimmers come with different heads, which you switch to create a gradient. It's ideal if you favour a short back and sides style.

For step-by-step guide tutorial, check out the videos below.

How to trim your hair at home

How to trim a child's hair at home

Facial hair

For a close shave

Electric shavers can help speed up your morning shaving routine, and can help avoid nicks and cuts that you may get with a razor. You can use these without any prep, but if you prefer to use shaving foam, opt for a wet & dry model. 

For beard & stubble maintenance

A beard or stubble trimmer usually will often come with different heads, so you use longer settings to neaten up an overgrown beard, and get a close shave around the neckline and cheekbones.

For nose & ear hair

If you find plucking too painful, keeping facial hair neat and tidy is much easier with a nose and ear trimmer. Narrow heads clip on to gently remove stray hairs, some have a setting for eyebrow maintenance too.

How to trim a beard

Define the neckline

As a guide, your beard should finish an inch above your Adam's apple. Choose a setting two grades below your normal beard length and clip everything below this. Then, select one or two settings shorter and shave the bottom half of your beard to create a gradient.

Shape the cheek line.

Shape the cheek line

Define the cheek line of your beard. This starts at the bottom of your sideburns and stops at the side of your moustache. A laser guide can help to visualise this, trim above the laser line to create a neat, sharp look.

Choose your length

Select the longest setting on your clippers and trim all over your beard, shave against the direction of hair growth to remove as much as possible. If you want to go shorter, repeat this step again until you're happy with the length.

3 tips for smooth shaving

  1. Using a shaving foam? Apply it in circles - this mini face massage not only feels good, but helps catch every hair and lift them up ready for shaving, as beard hair grows in different directions.
  2. Keep an eye on the battery - Modern electric shavers have a long battery life, but if you've not charged it in a while it might not be at peak performance, which could cause tugging or pulling.
  3. Keep your shaver clean - read through the manufacturer's guide that comes with your shaver and follow the steps to keep your kit clean. A build-up of hair and skin cells isn't good for hygiene or performance.

Body hair

How to trim body hair

How to trim body hair

Most multi-groomers come with a head suitable for use on other parts of your body. This is a great option if you're not looking for a totally smooth finish, on your chest for example, but just want to trim away some excess fuzz.

For a smooth finish

For a smooth finish

If you prefer the look of a completely smooth finish you could wax or treat the area with a hair removal cream. If it's your first time you might consider having this done professionally, but there are at-home kits you can buy too. 

Body care.

Body care

It's important to look after the skin on your body, just as much as the skin on your face. It not only makes your skin look and feel great, but can help maintain the finish of any grooming efforts.

Use a nourishing moisturiser after showers, paying special attention to any particularly dry areas, like elbows and knees. If you're short on time, use a moisturising body wash in the shower, or pick a lighter moisturiser as this will sink into your skin faster.

For smoother skin, or if you regularly remove hair, consider exfoliating with a body scrub once a week. This removes any dead skin, preps your body for hair removal and helps to avoid ingrowing hairs.

Skin care

Morning routine

Morning routine

  • Prep your skin for the day by using a cleanser.
  • This removes any excess oil that your skin produces as well as impurities from the environment.
  • After this massage in a moisturiser to help nourish your face.
  • A moisturiser with SPF is even better, as even if it’s not sunny, sun rays can still penetrate clouds.
  • Add in an extra step 1 - 2 times a week to exfoliate your skin.
Evening routine

Evening routine

  • Wash off a long day following the same cleansing and moisturising process from the morning.
  • You could switch out the moisturiser for thicker night cream, which will sink in and soothe while you sleep.
  • Add in an extra step once a week to apply a mask. They'll help nourish the skin deeper and draw out any impurities.
Problematic skin?

Problematic skin?

If you have sensitive skin or acne, you can tailor your skin routine to help soothe and settle any redness.

Look for face washes that are gentle, and free from fragrance. it can be tempting to use a scrub if you have spots, but this can aggravate your skin even more. Instead seek out soothing ingredients like tea tree, or salicylic acid, which can help unclog pores.

If you're worried about your skin ask your doctor to explore treatment options. They should be able to help diagnose the issue, prescribe creams or tablets or refer you to see a professional that specialises in skin.

Dental care

Power up your brushing.

Power up your brushing

An electric toothbrush helps maintain a healthy smile, and will leave your mouth feeling fresher.

 Want a brighter smile.

Want a brighter smile?

At-home whitening kits can be an effective route to whiter teeth. Check your teeth are healthy first with your dentist, and ask them what the options are.

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