DIY guides and advice

Are you a DIY newbie? Fear not, we've collected all of our best guides and ideas for creating a home you'll be proud of, from simply putting up a shelf to giving your walls and furniture a makeover.

DIY guides and advice.

Step-by-step DIY guides

How to put up a shelf

Our helpful how-to on safely and easily adding floating or wall-mounted shelves.

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How to put up a curtain pole or track

Tips on measuring for a curtain pole or track, and the tools you need to fit it safely and securely.

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How to upcycle furniture

Creative furniture upcycling ideas plus the tools you need to get you started.

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Wallpaper guides

How to hang and remove wallpaper

Add the perfect pattern to your walls step-by-step, from measuring and preparing your room, to cutting and pasting the paper.

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Wallpaper for a feature wall

Six statement styles to help you decide what wallpaper will transform your space - plus a few hacks and tips for what to do with the excess.

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DIY buying guides

Drill buying guide

Get the right tool for the job. Find the drill type you need for the task at hand with our jardon-busting guide.

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Painting and decorating guide

Get your rollers and brushes ready. Here's our tips on how to paint and decorate your home perfectly inside and out.

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