Vlogging has exploded in popularity over the last few years - and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re new to the game or a fully-fledged expert, here’s a quick guide to find the best vlogging camera for you.

What is a Vlog?

With cameras designed for use on the go, you can film, edit and upload a 'video-blog' to platforms like YouTube, taking your viewers with you wherever you go. Lifestyle, fashion, film, gaming or something more niche, there'll be an audience waiting to watch.

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To help you choose the best vlogging camera, experts Canon explain the top features to look out for.

Camera VS. camcorder

For their compact design, features and ease of use, we generally recommend a camera over a camcorder for filming vlogs. Most cameras within the market come with a video function as standard.

Flip screen cameras

Many vloggers enjoy talking to the camera and it really helps to have a vlog camera with a flip screen so you can see all of the footage that is being recorded.


Wi-Fi lets you upload your vlog direct to a smartphone. You may prefer to transfer from an SD card to a laptop so you can edit – but it’s handy if you want to upload Instagram photos too.

Video quality

To ensure your vlogs are the best they can be, film in HD. Beyond this, the highest video quality is 4K - however these can only be fully appreciated on 4K screens and suited more to advanced vloggers.

Image stabilizer & autofocus

These help keep your footage smooth and in focus – they'll minimise any ‘camera shake’ or blurring that you may get when vlogging on the go.

Low-light performance

To help you control lighting when you film in different settings, look for cameras with a wide lens aperture and a large sensor.

Compact size

Think about whether you want to vlog when you're on the move – most of the best vlogging cameras are compact in size making them perfect for day-to-day use.


What type of videos will you film?

Out and about Vlogs

If you want to take viewers with you while you're on the move, portability is a key factor so opt for compact models and hand held accessories.

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Stationary Vlogs

Tutorials, hauls, reviews, gaming - if you plan on filming in a relatively fixed location you can choose larger cameras and more substantial tripods.

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Extreme action vlogs

If you want to capture more extreme sports, a mountable or portable camera will let you film your adventures hands-free.

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Add-ons & accessories

External microphone

While your camera will record sound, for clearer quality you may want to attach an external microphone. Some are portable, attaching to your camera while you film - these are great for vlogging on the go. A USB microphone will attach to your computer or your camera's microphone input (not all cameras have this). They offer great audio for formats where you're sitting and facing a camera, e.g. gaming or tutorial style videos.

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Tripods & hand grips

Mount your camera to one of these to get a steady shot. Handheld monopods or flexible tripods that can be wrapped around a surface are great for on-the-go vlogging. Full length or table top tripods are great if you're filming in a fixed position as it lets you keep the same setting while you shoot.

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Memory cards

Filming HD or 4K footage can take up a lot of space so you'll probably need a high capacity memory card to store and back-up your clips. Make sure the SD card is compatible with your camera, and that it has a fast read and write speed for fast transfers to your computer or laptop.

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