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Guide to buying jewellery

All you need to know to help you choose the perfect piece.

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Guide to buying jewellery.

Whether you want to complete your ensemble in style or make a loved one smile- a piece of jewellery is a perfect choice. Discover everything you need to know to find the jewellery you are looking for.

Precious metals in jewellery

They deserve a spot in your jewellery box. But choosing between platinum, gold, and silver can be confusing. Let us help you understand the benefits of each, so you can pick the perfect piece.

A platinum diamond ring with a white background.

Platinum jewellery

Celebrate eternal love with exquisite platinum. Naturally white, it’s rarer than gold. This metal is highly dense and durable, an ideal pairing for precious gemstones such as diamonds. A thing of beauty that lasts forever, it's hard not to fall in love with platinum.

Benefits of wearing platinum jewellery

  • It's hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for sensitive skin.
  • Thanks to its 95% purity, platinum does not tarnish. The metal retains its brilliant white lustre for generations.

Look out for

  • Relatively rare, it's available in fewer designs.
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Gold jewellery

Timeless and elegant, gold never goes out of fashion. This precious metal comes in three colours: yellow, white and rose. Pure gold is often mixed with harder metals to form a more durable alloy.

Benefits of wearing gold jewellery

  • High carat gold won't tarnish easily.
  • Since it’s easy to shape gold, you'll find an impressive array of creative designs to choose from.

Look out for

  • High carat gold can be prone to scratches. But with a jewellery cleaning kit, you can always keep it in tip-top shape.
Sterling silver jewellery.

Sterling silver jewellery

Looking for jewellery to be worn daily? Sterling silver is an excellent choice. Pure silver is soft and prone to scratches. When it's combined with a harder metal like copper, the result is sterling silver that’s both lightweight and durable.

Benefits of wearing sterling silver jewellery

  • It makes for a thoughtful and lasting gift for friends and family without breaking the bank.
  • Being extremely versatile, you can pair it up with tons of different outfits and pull off a stunning look each time.

Look out for

Gold carats explained

The carat refers to the amount of pure gold in the alloy. 24 carat is the purest form of gold but 9 carat and 18 carat are most commonly used for jewellery. Lower carat golds are cheaper and more durable, but may have a duller appearance.

Yellow gold heart lock pendant necklace.

Yellow gold

The 'typical' gold colour, it has a rich yellow tone. It's often mixed with copper and zinc to create strong alloys.

White gold heart pendant necklace.

White gold

Yellow gold is combined with white metals to create this alternative to platinum.

Rose gold plated heart pendant necklace.

Rose gold

Yellow gold is mixed with copper to create a blush colour. It's considered more durable than yellow or white gold.

Discover fashion jewellery

Looking for something beyond gold, silver, and platinum? Thankfully, there's a whole host of options to consider.

Titanium jewellery.

Titanium jewellery

Very strong, lightweight and durable, its grey colouring makes it a popular choice for men's jewellery.

Men's stainless steel linking ring pendant necklace.

Surgical stainless steel jewellery

Versatile and inexpensive, stainless steel is a popular choice for fashion and body jewellery.

Gold plated silver glitter flame drop earrings.

Metal plated jewellery

Plated jewellery is coated with a thin layer of a precious metal to create the look of solid gold, silver or platinum.

What is hypoallergenic jewellery?

If you are sensitive to nickel and copper, hypoallergenic jewellery is a great option. They are usually made from pure metals such as platinum and titanium. Surgical steel, sterling silver, and high carat yellow gold jewellery contain a very small amount of nickel or copper so can also be considered hypoallergenic.

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Jewellery collections

Treating yourself or looking for a gift? Take a look at our beautiful jewellery collections.

A sterling silver dreamcatcher pendant necklace.


Add a sparkle to your look. From gold to silver to rose gold, choose your style and make a statement.

Yellow gold wings stud earrings.


Silver stud earrings or gold studs? Drop earrings or silver hoops? Pick what best suits your look.

A white gold diamond ring featuring blue sapphires.


A ring is more than a piece of jewellery. For some, it's a symbol of love. For others an expression of individuality.

A yellow gold infinity charm bracelet.


Single simplicity or a layered look, add charm to your arm with bracelets and bangles.

Best metals for piercings

Bold, playful, or chic, embrace that what makes you unique. Body piercings can be a form of self-expression. But before you pick something you like, here are a few essential things to keep in mind.

Tongue bars.

Tongue bars

  • Surgical stainless steel is a popular choice.
  • Avoid plated metals that may chip or crack.
Side angle of a woman showing her ear piercings.

Ear piercings

  • Titanium, being nickel-free and lightweight, is the go-to metal for ear lobe or cartilage piercings.
  • You can also consider surgical stainless steel that's both durable and safe.
A man wearing a nose stud outdoors.

Nose studs and rings

  • Gold and silver work well for studs as they are flexible.
  • Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for septum rings.

Organise in style

Jewellery boxes

Properly storing jewellery is as important as buying the right kind. If not taken care of, it can get damaged. Invest in a sturdy jewellery box so that your precious pieces always stay as good as new.

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Inspired jewellery ideas

Revere jewellery.

Revere jewellery

Give that special someone a gift from the heart. Revere is here for you.

State of Mine jewellery.

State of Mine jewellery

We give you the quality to wear your body jewellery with confidence.

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