Garden decorating tips

Some of our favourite ways to add those special extra touches, to create a stunning garden.

How to decorate a garden


Give your plants somewhere beautiful to grow. Add charm and character with a decorative planter, which will provide a focal point for your garden as it draws people towards it.

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Create a relaxing corner in your garden, somewhere to sit back and unwind. Arbours fit beautifully into their surroundings and provide soothing shade for hot, sunny days.

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Wall art

You wouldn't have bare walls indoors, so why have them outdoors? A little wall art will add a unique personal touch to your garden.

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Top tips

A touch of the artificial

Create a perfect look for your garden no matter the season by blending in natural-looking, artificial plants.

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Create a bird haven

Bring in the natural beauty of our feathered friends with bird tables or feeding stations. Short of space? A nest box will take much less room.

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Garden ornaments

Add character and personality to your outdoor space with a few well-placed ornaments. Some even double as lights to brighten up your garden at night.

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Top garden picks

Kelkay Milano cube

A contemporary water feature with a dazzling light effect.

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Floating tap fountain

Charming water feature with metal bucket design and floating tap.

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Solar Lighting

Brighten up dark nights with some solar powered garden lighting.

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More garden inspiration

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