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As your little one grows, try different experiences, harder challenges and new activities to increase their mind’s, body’s and social capabilities.

Toys for brain development

A group of kids gathered around a table to play the Frustration Game from Hasbro Gaming.

Encourage their curiosity

Your child will have a strong understanding of everyday things such as money, food or travel. Their memory is expanding and their attention extending as they become excited and motivated to learn new things.

Activities to try...

Kids playing a board game with their mum.

Board games and puzzles

With so many different themes and challenges, games are a fun way for little ones to learn about rules, turn taking, teamwork and patience.

Kids playing with a science toy.

STEM toys

Introduce them to key subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths. There's a huge variety of activities, helping to prepare them for school.

A boy and girl playing with LeapFrog Magic adventures globe together.

Electronic toys

Think phones, smart watches, games and laptops, all designed to help children solve problems, figure out tasks and complete challenges.

Toys for physical development

A toddler using Dyson Cordless toy vacuum cleaner on the floor.

Fine & gross motor skills

Smaller muscle skills such as getting dressed, fastening buttons and holding a pencil are helping your child prepare for school. Whilst gross motor skills such as whizzing their own vacuum cleaner around, are developing their posture and endurance, so they can cope with a full day of learning.

Activities to try...

A kid playing with Morphle dough carry case.

Modelling dough

Squishing, sculpting and moulding. As well as being great fun, modelling dough like Play-doh helps build strength in hand muscles. This helps children with writing and cutting with scissors – essential skills for a 4-5 year old.

Two girls using their FunLockets secret journal diary set.

Craft sets

Stock up on beads, paints, stickers and more, and let them use their hands and imaginations to get creative with arts and crafts.

A boy and girl playing Early Fun Swingball All Surface in the garden.


Whether they want to develop a hobby or try something new, try toys that’ll help them run, jump, skip, catch…anything to wear them out.

Toys for social development

2 friends play together in fancy dress.

Communication & friendship

By now, friendships are built around similar interests, especially as their knowledge is constantly developing. They'll be interested in group activities – building on their awareness of rules and turn-taking as well as emotions and empathy. 

Activities to try...

Story stones

Story stones

Paint different pictures from their favourite story, onto clean dry pebbles. Use as many as you need for characters and objects. Allow your child to retell the story or even make up one of their own!

Read a book

Read a book

Share a story. With so many classic characters and exciting imaginative worlds to explore, they’ll want to dive into their favourite bedtime books, night after night.

A group of friends singing their favourite song using a toy karaoke set.

Get musical

Boost their confidence. Performing and singing along to their favourite songs is a great way to develop reading, memory and communication skills. Let them find their inner X factor.

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