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Small space gym equipment

Whatever small space you’ve got to work with, our range of compact gym equipment will fit perfectly.

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Small space gym equipment.

Whether it’s leg day, or a HIIT session's on the cards, we have an abundance of gym gear, including some clever multi-functional kit designed to work the entire body – great for smaller spaces. Click the options below to jump to the equipment type you're looking for and some workout tip videos.

Curl, lift, squat or slam, our huge variety of weights will cater to everyone and every goal.


Sculpt, tone and strengthen with our range of dumbells. From pairs to sets and even adjustable weights.


Arms, legs, bum, shoulders and back. Target every muscle group with this bit of kit.

Medicine balls

Medicine balls

Add resistance to your crunches, lunges, arm curls and more.

Wearable weights

Intensify exercises or pop them on when on a walk to transform basic movements into a workout.

Check out these videos below for a few examples of the different exercises you can do with this equipment.

Kettlebell exercises

Learn how to work the upper and lower body with a single kettlebell.

Dumbbell workouts

Discover dumbbell workouts for your core and lower body.

Single function fitness kit

From push and pull up equipment to ab wheels, work specific muscle groups with our targeted kit.

Hula hoops

For fun and energetic exercise, opt for a weighted hula hoop - you'll hardly realise you're working out! Plus, it disassembles into small, easy-to-store pieces.

Core equipment

Core equipment

From ab wheels to ab crunchers, we've got all the helping hands you need to target that stubborn mid-section.

Upper body kit

Upper body kit

Add variety to your workouts, modify your push ups or improve your upper body strength.

Small multi-function fitness kit

Workout multiple areas and burn those calories. Stay motivated and you'll see results in no time.

Exercise balls

Work with the ball alone to improve balance or introduce weights to add elements of strength and coordination.

Resistance bands

Great for pilates practice and adding extra difficulty to non-equipment exercises. Resistance bands can tone and strengthen many muscle groups.

Yoga & exercise mats

Mats provide a cushioned surface for you to carry out your yoga practice or workout on. They reduce impact on joints and create a comfortable surface to kneel or lay on.

Foam rollers

Provides a deep tissue massage before or after an intense workout. Also great for assisting with stretches and cool downs.


Use in aerobic-style workouts or incorporate into a HIIT session. Jump or step on and off to improve your cardiovacular fitness, or use alongside bodyweight exercises like tricep dips.

Skipping ropes

A favourite of boxers, and for good reason. Skipping's an excellent cardio workout which improves coordiation, balance, agility and stamina. These ropes are an all-rounder!

Watch these videos for great workout tips for exercise balls and resistance bands.

Exercise ball exercises

Work your core and more with this workout video.

Resistance band workouts

Low impact exercises that tone and sculpt.

Larger multi-function fitness kit

Take a look at our multi-function equipment designed for petite spaces. Workout your entire body in a variety of ways with only one piece of kit.

Browse our videos to learn how to use some of the kit and get some exercise inspiration.

TRX Fit Suspension Trainer

Provides a range of motion to work every muscle group. Great for HIIT sessions, improving agility and cardiovascular fitness.

New Image FITT Cube

Achieve 100+ exercises with this compact cube. Burn big calories in the smallest of spaces.

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