Balcony ideas

You're lucky enough to own a balcony, but are you using it to its full potential? Be inspired to create a relaxing retreat, start a garden (with room for tea), or add a squirelled-away storage space. You'll feel like you've gained a whole new room.

Balcony ideas.

What would you like to use your space for?

If you could choose, would you rather add a garden to your home, or another indoor space? If you chose the former, is it the idea of growing some greenery which appeals, or just a place to relax in fairer weather? Your answers should help you pick from our ideas below.

Make space to relax

Take a look
Take note from sun-soaked patios.

Take note from sun-soaked patios

Your balcony should be your private outdoor sanctuary. Create a summer-ready space with an outdoor patio set where you can entertain or just curl up with a book. Add character with some solar lighting, faux greenery and a little storage to keep clutter away.

Smaller lounge sets

Sit back and relax even on a small balcony with compact lounge furniture sets (remember to measure!). Look for ones with hidden storage - great for keeping cushions safe and dry.

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Solar and outdoor lighting

Spend evenings under the stars with some extra lighting. Choose from fairy lights, instant LEDs or solar lights - they'll soak up the sun in the day and light your way by night.

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Outdoor cushions and rugs

Add character with weather-proof accessories. Cushions are an easy seating option if you're hosting a party, especially if you're renting and don't want to buy garden furniture yet.

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Cultivate a garden

Take a look
Cultivate a garden.

Add some greenery

Create your own private garden with plenty of planters full of lush foliage - use open shelving if you're limited on floor space. Try colourful flowers or delicious-smelling herbs (great for the kitchen too). Leave room for some foldaway seating, like a cute bistro set or laidback deck chair, and breathe in your green space.


Put your green fingers to work by adding nature to your balcony.  Remember to water regularly (get to know how much your chosen plants need, of course). Your neighbours will be green with envy.

Start your garden

Bistro seating

Sit and watch the world go by while enjoying a hot cup of tea or your morning coffee with a charming bistro set. You could choose a furniture set which folds away if you've not much room.

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Foldaway chairs and loungers

Get that beach holiday feeling at home - foldaway deck chairs are so easy to bring out when the sun's out,  and tuck away again later for more floor space.

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Utilise your space

Take a look
Utilise your space.

An extension of your flat

If you struggle for space at home, your balcony could be the solution for extra storage, or even a laundry room. Store bits and bobs outside (safely, of course) to stop them taking over indoors. You'll be suprised at the difference it makes.

Hang it all up

Turn your balcony into your very own laundry room. We love this idea of creating a space to hang up clothes to dry in the sun on hangers, keeping things crease-free.

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Open shelving

Make the most of unused space with open shelves. The options of what to store here are endless, but keeping all of your cleaning bits and bobs will clear up a lot of space from your flat.

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Extra storage

Keep your flat clutter-free by storing unused items outdoors. Use plastic boxes which you can stack or wheel away, or easy-to-lift cubby boxes to add to open shelves.

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