Can't wait for the Easter bunny to be back already? Save the date, because Easter Sunday 2019 is on the 21 of April. Hop back here nearer the time for baskets of Easter gifts and decorations.

Easter decorations

Easter is a great chance to get the kids involved in bringing that beautiful spring sunshine inside with home decorations. Flowers in vases brighten up any room and instil a natural décor and, along with Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, remind us that Easter is a celebration of new beginnings. Decorate the table with inventive centrepieces and homemade Easter crafts. Nestle the Easter eggs in a makeshift nest of shredded paper or a brown basket, or hang little eggs from your Easter tree.

Easter gift ideas


Give the gift of fun this Easter and keep the little chicks entertained. LEGO is as popular as ever and, alongside classic ranges like LEGO City and Harry Potter, new ranges include Star Wars and Overwatch, guaranteed to get them off their screens. Treat them to a LOL Surprise Doll, a pleasure to unbox and care for. To get the whole family involved, check out our range of board games, including Monopoly, Articulate and Dobble.

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Perfume & Aftershaves

If you want to give a chocolate-free gift, or add an extra something to someone’s Easter Egg, perfumes or aftershaves are sure to please. Pick their favourite scent or go for something different. Citrus scents are lively and energetic, great for the spring season, or maybe go for a floral or fruity perfume in anticipation for the upcoming summer. Woody aftershaves, very popular with men, have earthy elements and tones of the forest.

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Watches are a great gift for any demographic. Still useful for telling the time, they are also a great fashion accessory and a good watch will stay with a person for years and years. Available from different brands and in a variety of styles, a watch is something everyone can appreciate. With technology bringing us new conveniences in all areas of our life, smart watches are a great way to track fitness metrics and access your phone from your wrist.

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Easter facts

What is Easter?

Easter is a religious festival and public holiday during April. To Christians, it is the most important festival of the year and a celebration of Jesus and new life. Easter Sunday (the resurrection) is the most widely celebrated day, but Maundy Thursday (the Last Supper) and Good Friday (the crucifixion) are also observed. Everywhere in the UK, there is a bank holiday on Good Friday and, everywhere in the UK except for Scotland, the Monday after Easter Sunday is also a bank holiday.

Origins of Easter

Though Easter is commonly associated with Christianity, Easter was not immediately adopted by the early church. The first Jewish Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus did so during the Jewish festival of Passover. The earliest evidence of the Christian festival of Easter dates to the mid-2nd century. Additionally, many cultures throughout the history of humanity have celebrated the spring equinox, with different cultures making use of similar symbols, thus the origins of Easter are far reaching and eclectic.

Easter traditions

For the secular world, Easter is all about the coming of spring and many of our modern traditions have pagan origins. The date of Easter is not fixed to the Gregorian calendar, but is instead governed by a lunisolar calendar. Rabbits are the symbol of the Germanic goddess, Ēostre, whose name is often attributed to the etymology of Easter. Even hot cross buns were baked in the pagan world, with each quarter representing a different season. These celebrations of nature go hand in hand with Paganism’s historically rural population and traditions.

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