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Christmas is over for another year. We hope you’ve enjoyed shopping for Christmas gifts for her, Christmas gifts for him, as well as for the kids, the family and everyone else you celebrated with.
We’re already thinking ahead to Christmas 2019 and we’ve already got plenty of super Christmas gift ideas that we’re excited to show you. If you’re the organised type, it’s a wise idea to keep an eye out for your Christmas gifts throughout the year. It can’t hurt to spread the cost, reduce your last-minute gifting and grab some great offers along the way!

Christmas gift ideas

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Christmas gifts for her

Christmas facts

What is Christmas?

Modern Christmas is the biggest cultural phenomenon celebrated by people all around the world, even in many non-Christian countries including Pakistan and China (who manufacture most of the world’s plastic trees and decorations). To both religious and secular societies, Christmas and the surrounding weeks are a cheery time of year. There is a tangible sense of goodwill towards family, friends and strangers alike and, as we all know, Christmas is filled with food and gift giving.

The history of Christmas

Christmas has been celebrated in different ways by many cultures throughout history and only became a Christian festival around the fourth century. Pagans celebrated the Winter Solstice, or the end of the struggle through the winter period and the coming of warmth, light and longer days. Many cultures, like the Norse and Germans, also celebrated this time within their own customs and spiritual beliefs. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, the festival of Saturn, widely considered Christmas’ predecessor, in December.

Christmas traditions

Today we have plenty of Christmas traditions. Many, with less obvious origins, have pagan roots. Carols, or songs of joy, were sung by pagans as they celebrated the Winter Solstice. Pagans also decorated their homes with branches of evergreen fir trees and Roman temples would feature fir trees at Saturnalia. Pagans believed hanging mistletoe would deter evil spirits and in Norse cultures, mistletoe signified friendship and love, which is why people in England started to kiss under it.

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