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Panasonic has rightfully gained a great reputation for making quality, reliable digital cameras, featuring the very latest technical innovations and beautiful designs. You’ll be delighted to show friends and family; Your special moments are precious and that’s why our designers have created digital cameras that take brilliant pictures and movies – whether you’re a novice or an experienced photographer. All you really need to do is chose the LUMIX that’s right for you.

Panasonic LUMIX G Compact system digital cameras

Buy the Panasonic LUMIX G range at Argos, your online shop for the Panasonic LUMIX G cameras

We wanted to create something new, really new. A digital camera that’s easy for anyone to handle and use, yet captures photos with the superior image quality of a fine Digital SLR camera. LUMIX G overturns conventional notions of what a compact system digital camera needed to be, its small body is packed with more technology than you could imagine. Welcome to the LUMIX G Micro system. Innovation and more.

Panasonic LUMIX Compact digital cameras

Buy Panasonic LUMIX compact digital cameras at Argos, including the Panasonic FS35. Argos, your online shop for Panasonic digital cameras

All the latest range of LUMIX compact digital cameras from Panasonic feature optical image stabilisation – something often found on only the most expensive digital cameras. Panasonic has also pioneered the development of very high zoom compact digital cameras together with ultra wide angle lenses and with the latest cameras featuring movie recording capability as good as the finest digital camcorders, they may be the only cameras you’ll ever need.

Panasonic LUMIX camera lenses

Buy Panasonic LUMIX camera lenses at Argos, your online shop for Panasonic digital camera lenses

A digital camera is only as good as the lens through which it sees the world. That is why Panasonic have the largest range of high quality lenses for any brand of compact system digital camera. Superb image rendering produces natural looking images while crisp, edge-to-edge contrast and a unique Nano Surface Coating minimises ghosting and flaring. New high-performance X camera lenses provide the very best Panasonic optical technologies.

Panasonic LUMIX Bridge digital cameras

Buy Panasonic LUMIX bridge digital cameras at Argos, you online shop for Panasonic bridge cameras

Small, light and portable with a zoom lens powerful enough to get up close to the animals of the Savannah or your local wildlife park. It’s like being on the front row, wherever you may be. Panasonic’s latest range of Bridge digital cameras are also perfect for all-round family use as they can capture your special moments in HD movie or beautiful high quality portraits, landscapes and family group photos.

Panasonic LUMIX camera accessories

Buy Panasonic LUMIX camera accessories at Argos, including camera bags & batteries.  Argos, your online shop for Panasonic camera accessories

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