Going through pregnancy can be a hard time, but, at Argos, we stock a range of maternity products and accessories to aid you in any way we can. With everything from body pillows, to make it more comfortable whilst sleeping, to baby art belly kits, so you can make a mould of your figure to remember carrying your child and to show them in years to come. We even have products like digital pre-natal listening systems, so you can hear the magical sounds of your unborn baby's heartbeat and movements during your third trimester. And, if you'd like to keep fit an ease some of the pains, we have anti-burst pilates and birth balls which will help rehabilitate and strengthen your core muscles and encourage a positive posture. Before your baby is born, get prepared with all the baby products you'll need to keep on top of things as they start their life in the new world.

Useful equipment, such as a baby monitor for when you're in another room; baby baths to keep them clean, and baby changing bags to keep them fresh, are all available at Argos. When they get a bit older, we have baby walkers to aid them on their first steps and baby bouncers to jump start their muscle growth. Just take a look through our range of baby and nursery products, and pick up everything you need before they arrive as you're going to have more time to do so before they're born.

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