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Telescopes and binoculars
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Buying Guide to Telescopes and binoculars

Whether you are an amateur stargazer, a nature enthusiast, or simply want to look a little further than your eyes will allow we can supply telescopes and binoculars to suit both your budget and your needs.

Please note: never use telescopes or binoculars to directly look at the sun as this can damage your eyes.


Binoculars are a go anywhere way of seeing further and enjoying the world around you.

We supply binoculars in a range of prices and sizes and with various features.

Binoculars are ideal for hobbies such as:

  • bird watching
  • nature observation
  • hiking
  • camping

to name but a few uses.


A telescopeGreat for the amateur stargazer, Argos supply telescopes in several prices suitable to you. All would suit being used from a set location so as to enable full records to be kept of your discoveries such as tracking a particular star.

Telescopes are ideal for:

  • stargazing
  • planet watching
  • satellite spotting

and many other uses besides.


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