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Bathroom scales
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Buying Guide to Bathroom scales

Whether you are actively dieting or simply keeping yourself healthy, a good set of bathroom scales is a household basic. We provide a range of scales to suit your needs in various styles which look good in any bathroom.

  • Mechanical bathroom scales are easy to operate and do not require batteries.  These are good for everyday use.
  • Electronic bathroom scales are battery operated with easy to read digital displays. These give a more accurate reading.
  • Body analyser scales provide readings about your body make-up. You will need to enter vital statistics such as your age, gender, height on first using the personal body analyser for accurate readings. These are ideal for anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle.
    • Various measurements are taken by a harmless electric current passing through your body.
    • These are not recommended for use if you have pacemakers or other internal medical devices, if you are pregnant, or for children under the age of 10.

Tips on using your bathroom scales

  • Weight and other readings should be taken barefoot and undressed.
  • It is best to empty your bladder etc before taking your readings.
  • Set the bathroom scales on a hard, flat, level surface for best results.
  • Try to use the scales at a regular time of day: just before bed or a bath works well.
  • Body analyser scales should not be used within 3 hours of eating a meal, or if you are dehydrated.
  • Body analyser scales should not be used first thing in the morning or after a workout.
  • Please note that bathroom scales and analysers are not intended to replace proper medical advice.


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