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How a Fitness Tracker can Boost your Exercise Performance

Activity trackers are the latest and greatest innovation in fitness technology. The latest trackers are so advanced that they know your heart rate, calories burned and even how well you've been sleeping. This accurate data can help you plan your entire routine to make you as active and fit as possible.

We spoke to a specially-chosen team of fitness enthusiasts about their favourite wearables and how they have been helping them reach their personal fitness goals.

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How a Fitness Tracker Can Help Weight Loss

Sylvie Hall from Cotton Tales, found her Fitbit invaluable in helping her get back into her ideal shape after enjoying a three month trip. She is now on a mission to return to her pre-travelling figure.

"My Fitbit has been really helping me to get back into my routine with a positive swing as I love the challenge of seeing my total steps for the day and how many calories I've burned through the accompanying app.

Having a regular exercise routine can be hard to maintain, especially in the winter when it's dark and cold and you just feel like hibernating! Having my Fitbit has helped me to stay motivated and excited to get up, out and moving every day."

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Fitness Trackers for Running

A good test for any fitness tracker is to find out how useful it is while running. We asked Laura Fountain from Lazy Girl Running if it was a worthy companion to take with her on her quest for peak fitness.

"I found it really useful to know how active I was (or wasn't) outside of my regular runs. We're all guilty of fooling ourselves into thinking we do more than we really do sometimes, having the hard evidence there in front of you makes that a little harder.

I like knowing how far I've run and the speed so I can check my progress. The fact that it has GPS and you don't need to bring a phone along on a run is a big plus for me. It's a good way of measuring progress and establishing good, healthy habits."

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The Perfect Swimming Tracker

A great advantage of waterproof running watches is that you can take them with you into the pool as Emilie Layla Lovaine from Lovaine discovered with the TomTom Spark Fit Cardio + Music.

"I love how versatile the watch is; I used to have loads of different gadgets with me for different exercises... I was always juggling between 3/4 different gadgets anytime I wanted to do exercise. The TomTom Sparks cardio and music activity offers me everything!

I love that the watch is fully waterproof, allowing me to take it with me into the pool and even surfing to monitor every aspect of my life; not just in the gym but outside too."

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Introduce an Activity Tracker to Your Yoga Workout

How well does wearable tech lend itself to yoga? Eleanor MayC from Green + Aquamarine is the perfect person to ask, since she's currently undergoing her #100DaysOfYoga challenge.

"For yoga, monitoring activity levels helps you adjust your practice to get into the fat burning zone - the heart rate faster than resting, but lower than cardio, which is said to burn a higher percentage of fat than other heart rates. It is great for longer yoga classes.

Seeing the rest of my stats recording keeps me mindful about what I am doing and eating when I am off the mat. I also love the sleep setting. It's so interesting to look the next morning and see how quickly I fell asleep and how well I actually slept."

A woman practices yoga while wearing a fitness tracker

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