Outdoor lighting


Light up your evening


When the sun is setting, there's no need to be lured back inside when you have all the outdoor lighting you need to keep the evening going into the night. At Argos, we supply a variety of lighting options to suit what you're after. Our solar lights are an excellent energy saving solution and they can be just as practical as they are decorative, such as pretty string sets and motion sensor safe guard lighting. Our security lighting range is also twice as useful because, not only do they act as thief deterrents for your house, garage and shed, but they also project a path for you in the darkness. 

We also have a wonderful array of wall lights and lanterns which are perfect for front doors, decking, alley ways and patio lighting. So, if you like to spend your evenings outside but it's just too chilly to stay out for too long, we have plenty of garden heaters and heating choices for you to consider. Along with the conventional outdoor heaters, we also have fire pits and chimineas that comfortably crackle the night away with a warming glow.

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