Compact System Digital Cameras
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Compact System Digital Cameras explained

Please click to see the general guide to digital cameras.

Compact system digital cameras use a more compact technology than DSLRs, yet still offer the use of different interchangeable lenses for increased flexibility and more professional results. They are typically 50% the weight and volume of a DSLR camera.

  • Ideal for the more creative user, the compact system camera can be used for any purpose you wish.
    • •   Pick the best lens for the desired shot.
  • As with other digital cameras, a memory card (sold separately) is essential for use.

Why choose a compact system digital camera?

Compact System Digital Cameras are extremely flexible, giving professional looking results and letting you enjoy exploring your creative side.

  • With a compact system camera you can change lenses for different needs, with a telephoto lens for long distance, or wide angle for a wide panorama.
  • Various accessories let you take your photography to a whole new creative level.
  • Far better sensors than a standard compact for improved performance.


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