Bridge Digital Cameras
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Bridge Digital Cameras explained

We also provide a general guide to digital cameras.

Bridge digital cameras are seen as the mid-point between digital cameras and DSLRs. They offer the flexibility and high level of manual control typical of the DSLR, without the interchangeable lenses. Instead, a high power optical zoom is built in.

Bridge cameras are therefore more portable and less costly than DSLRs, while allowing more professional results than compact digital cameras might.

As with all digital cameras, a memory card is needed for use (sold separately).

Why choose a Bridge digital camera?

Bridge digital cameras are flexible, giving more professional looking results and letting you enjoy exploring your creative side.

  • Tripods, flashguns and other camera accessories let you take your photography to a whole new creative level.
  • A bridge camera is ideal for the more crafted photograph with the minimum of required equipment.


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