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We invited three interior design writers to bring empty rooms to life in just one hour. Jesse Audubey, Cate St Hill and Caroline Rowland stepped into our studios and worked their magic on three blank rooms in this interior design challenge. We're in love with the beautiful, practical and inspiring spaces they managed to create in such a short time. Watch the video and read on to see the challenge unfold.

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Meet the interior design writers

  • Jesse Audubey image

    Jesse Audubey

    Jesse writes at Hecticophilia and has a keen eye on the latest home and design trends. Passionate about mid-century modern-inspired design, Jesse used them as a major inspiration for her bedroom transformation. She describes her room as retro, minimal and textured.

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  • Caroline Rowland image

    Caroline Rowland

    Caroline is the editor of 91 Magazine and also writes Patchwork Harmony - an interior design blog. Her personal style is all about mixing vintage and modern elements and she used this technique to transform the children's bedroom.

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  • Cat St Hill image

    Cate St Hill

    Cate is an architecture and design journalist at Blueprint magazine and writes her own blog on her own interior design inspirations. Cate used Scandinavian and minimalist design to inform her style for the challenge. She used sleek, timeless accessories to help frame the room.

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