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Take relaxation to a
luxurious new level

At home hot tubs have become hugely popular, with many enjoying their bubbly benefits all year round – so what's stopping you?

Explore our selection of fantastic hot tubs and inflatable spas, and our top picks for family fun, entertaining with friends and spa-style relaxation.

Entertain in style

Simple, stylish and soothing. An inflatable hot tub is easy to set up and offers an affordable entry route into an at-home hot tub or spa.

This Lay-Z spa inflatable tub will be an impressive addition to any celebration. Heaters keep your guests warm while multi-coloured LED lights add fun flair to an evening's entertainment – cocktail anyone?

Paris Lay-Z spa

Endless family fun

Ready any time, rigid hot tubs are ideal for year-round bubbles and offer stability and style. Look out for impressive extras like waterfall features and Bluetooth sound systems.

The Canadian Spa Company Swift Current has room for 6 and is an impressive 29 inches deep, so you can submerge your shoulders for a full body spa experience.

Canadian Spa Company Swift Current

Relax and rejuvenate

Hot tubs and spas are a great way to relax, unwind and soothe away any tension. Powerful jets and the warmth of the water give you the option of an at-home massage, anytime!

The Intex PureSpa bubble therapy spa boasts 120 heated bubble jets for soothing relief, while the built in hard-water treatment system makes the water gentler on your skin.

Intex PureSpa

Enhance the experience

Little extras that add a lot of luxury

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Looking after your spa

Hot tub installation and maintenance is easier than you might think.
Take a look at these tips for setting up and cleaning your spa.

  • The water in your tub will usually take between 10-12 hours to heat up when you first install and switch on.
  • Chemical starter kits give you the chemicals and test strips you need to keep the water hygienic and safe. As a guide, the PH levels should fall between 7.0 and 7.6.
  • The estimated running costs of heating your tub are typically £7-£10 per week.
  • Not all spas come with covers so you may need to purchase separately. Match up the measurements for a tight fit that retains heat and keeps debris out.
  • A warm spa is perfect on a crisp cold evening, but if the temperature is set to fall below 4°C, it is safest to drain to avoid water freezing in the pipes or pump.
  • This spa maintenance kit includes a scrubber, brush and net for scooping out any debris and quickly cleaning any grime from the sides of your tub.
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