What is the Nintendo Switch?

Play at home. Play on the move. Play with friends.

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch breaks the rules of gaming. The console seamlessly transitions from HD TV gaming to portable hand-held mode on the 6.2 inch screen and back again. Detach the Joy-Con controllers, flick out the built-in stand and gather friends for multiplayer fun.

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Nintendo Switch controllers

Use two Joy-Cons together in their grip, hold a Joy-Con in each hand or purchase a Pro Controller for a more traditional experience.

Your Left Joy-Con controller captures screenshots. The Right features an infra-red motion camera that reads the shape of objects in compatible games. With HD rumble haptic feedback, your Joy-Con controllers cleverly respond to your game play.

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Nintendo Switch multi-player

Share the joy with friends. Hand a Joy-Con controller to a mate and play together, slot into a steering wheel and race each other at Mario Kart.

Play the Nintendo Switch locally with up to 8 consoles or delve into multi-player mode over WiFi. Use the smart app (launching summer 2017) to invite players to games, set gaming dates and use voice chat. 

Nintendo Switch games

1-2 Switch is a motion based game perfect for parties. Grab a Joy-Con each and face off in a wild-west duel or compete on the dance floor.

Enter Link’s world and adventure like never before in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild or jump back into the driving seat with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Play locally with up to 4-players in 1080p in TV mode.

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