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Beds and Mattresses

bed and mattresses

When we spend as much time as we do in bed, it is important we choose a new bed wisely. The consequences of a bad night’s sleep are not good - it can start to affect our health and lifestyle. Here – we have pulled together some tips to help you in choosing your new bed or mattress.

When is it a good time to buy a mattress?

There is no set life span for a bed or mattress. How long a mattress lasts is influenced by it’s use (master bedroom or guest bedroom? For sleeping only, watching TV from or doubling up as a trampoline for the kids?), it’s quality and the care it’s received.

  • Are you waking sore, stiff or in pain?
  • Are you sleeping worse than you did a year ago?
  • Does your mattress show visible signs of wear and tear?
  • Was your last best night’s sleep in a bed other than your own?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions – then it could be time for a new mattress or bed.

What's the best mattress?

There is no set answer to this one. It is more a case of ‘what’s the best mattress for me?’ And that is a combination of several factors – comfort, support, space and price.

What should I consider when choosing a new mattress or bed?

The key things to consider when looking at mattresses or beds are:

  • Comfort and support – the right mattress should support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same position as a good standing posture. It will also be comfortable for your body.
  • Space – select a size that gives you enough room for free and easy movement. A king or super king sized mattress is recommended for couples.
  • Sets – keep in mind a mattress and foundation are designed to work together. Rather than just replacing the mattress, buying a new set will make the most of your investment.

What sort of beds does Argos sell?

Argos offers a huge range of beds and mattresses – covering all your needs.

  • Bedstead or divan – beds with a slatted base, a sprung base, or a platform topped base (allowing for storage drawers underneath). When purchasing a bedstead, you are able to choose your mattress type. Our bedsteads come in either Metal, Wood, Leather or Fabric covered designs.
  • With or without storage – platform topped bases provide space for one, two or four drawers.
  • Kids beds – as well as single beds, we also offer a wide range of bunks, mid-sleepers and high sleepers. These are great in that they allow you to make the most of what space is available, and can be great fun for kids. Double up the bed space with anything from a desk, a futon, a wardrobe or drawers through to a tent, a slide or empty space.
  • Guest beds – as well as a selection of sofa beds, foam beds and inflatable beds, we also offer guest-beds. Just wheel the extra bed out from under the normal single bed – and you easily transform the single bed into a double, or have an extra single bed.
  • ‘Zip and Link’ divans – your definition of a comfortable mattress isn’t the same as your partner's? Want a flexible guest room? A Zip and Link divan allows two different mattresses to be on the same bed, and enables a double bed to become two singles when required.
  • Electric adjustable beds - can be adjusted to various positions at the touch of a button. You can adjust both head and foot sections individually or together.

Bed Dimensions

bed dimensions
Single W 90cm
L 190cm
W 3ft L 6ft 3ins
Double W 135cm L 190cm
W 4ft 6ins L 6ft 3ins
King Size W 150cm L 200cm
W 5ft L 6ft 3in
Super King Size W 180cm L 200cm
W 6ft L 6ft 6in

Jargon buster

Firmness Rating - As a comfort indicator, we rate the firmness of our mattress range - Medium, Medium Firm and Firm.

Sprung mattress - Basic mattress that's ideal for bunks, high sleepers or single beds

Deluxe (e.g. Silentnight's Miracoil Spring System) - Spring system that allows bodyweight to be transferred up and down the mattress, stopping 'roll together'.

Orthopaedic - This term is used to describe a firm product. It does not refer to a cure or treatment of deformity in bone or muscle.

Pocket Springs - Mattresses that contain more springs in their own individual 'pockets'. The 'pockets' work individually of each other allowing the mattresses to support and mould to your body shape. These mattresses provide extra comfort and prevent 'roll together'.

pillow top

Pillow Top - A luxury mattress that has an extra 'pillow top' layer which places more padding between the sleeper and the spring system.

Zip and Link’ Divans - Each divan is linked at the head and foot, and the bed is further held together by the mattress being held together. The benefit being two different types of mattresses can be on the same bed.