Introduction to Men’s shaving and grooming

Shaving is a daily experience for many men and razors have become more advanced and less irritating on the skin. Electrical razors are convenient and easy to use for a quick shave, eliminating any potential nicks or cuts.

Trimming and removing facial and body hair is becoming a growing trend and thereís a range of products designed to assist men in their daily grooming.

Our guide explains the main benefits of the different products available and some key features to look out for.

Types of shavers and groomers

Electric shavers - Most electric shavers are now rechargeable, so they can be used on the move when a power source is not available. Look out for shavers that can be used wet or dry. Some shavers can be washed under the tap which makes cleaning much easier, while others can even clean themselves.

Some shavers dispense moisturiser while you shave, which is great if you have sensitive skin. The moisturiser also catches the cut hair, making shavers like this easy to keep clean.

Plus, donít forget your shaving accessories such as travel wash bags, refills, and skin conditioners.


Rotary shavers

Rotary shaversMost rotary shavers have two or three rotating heads that lift the stubble off the skin before cutting it away. All work well on the face, but itís the challenging neck hair that separates the best from the rest.

The finest shavers for men will have pivoting rotors, allowing them to hug the contours of the face, some come equipped with a trimmer for longer hair and sideburns.


Foil shavers

Foil shaversFoil shavers work by placing high-speed razor blades behind a protective foil. Foils usually number between 1-4, and the more foils, the closer the shave.

Compared to rotary shavers, foil shavers have less surface area and so often require longer shaves.

Foil shavers tend to be better for younger and more sensitive skin types.



Hair clippers

Hair clippersElectric hair clippers are the perfect tool for keeping hair neat and tidy. Good quality hair clippers will have advanced ceramic or titanium coated blades and a variety of combs, to allow the user to achieve different hair lengths and grades.




Face and body grooming

Face and body groomingThe new trend is not always to completely remove hair but to trim and tidy certain areas. There are a variety of grooming products available for todayís modern man. To keep a beard neat and trim, try using cordless beard trimmers, preferably one with a couple of different length settings.

For those more delicate areas, there are a variety of nose and ear trimmers, body trimmers, or you could try a personal grooming kit that combines a variety of heads and attachments for full body grooming.


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