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Camping equipment must-haves

Once you’ve chosen your tent, it’s time to think about useful camping equipment to help you enjoy the great outdoors.

Sleeping bags

A good sleeping bag is a must, so make sure you choose the right one. Check how many seasons it’s suitable for and invest in some removable cotton or silk liners if you’re going to use it a lot – they make a great extra layer and keep the sleeping bag fresh.

Keep the heat in

keep the heat inMummy-shaped sleeping bags are great for minimising heat loss as they are close fitting and reduce the volume of air that needs to be heated by your body. When they’re completely closed, only your mouth and nose will be exposed, keeping you warm in even the coldest conditions. 

Also look out for the GSM rating on all our sleeping bags – it stands for grams per square meter, and relates to the thickness or density of the filling. The higher the number the warmer it is.


Staying cool

Most styles of sleeping bag feature a two-way zip to help keep you cool.

Hollowfibre or down?

Most of our sleeping bags are filled with hollowfibre, a great lightweight material that keeps you really warm and offers superior insulation when wet – look out for Polarguard, Hollfil and Micro-loft. Down is another common filling – it takes up very little space when it’s wet packed, but fluffs up beautifully when the bag is unrolled. But they take a long time to dry.

Other things to look out for:

  • Hoods - keep you warm, as most body heat loss happens through your head. Some sleeping bags come with a detachable hood for greater flexibility.
  • Built-in collars - reduce heat loss in extremely cold conditions.
  • Pillow pockets - specially designed part of your sleeping bag that you can fill with an inflatable pillow or clothes to make sleeping more comfortable.

Camping mats

For a comfortable sleep, a good camping mat is a must. There are a few different kinds of mats available:

Air mattresses

Ideal for family holidays, air mattresses are comfortable, well insulated and available in double and single sizes. They need to be blown up each time you make camp. Built in electric pumps are quick, but can be a bit noisy and you’ll need a power supply. Other options are a built in battery pump, built in foot pump, or a separate foot pump. Air mattresses tend to be heavier, so not recommended for backpacking or more adventurous trips.

air mattress

Camping mats

A great space- and budget-saving option, camping mats are lightweight and easily rolled up to attach rucksacks, making them perfect for more adventurous camping.

camping mat

Self-inflating mattresses

Combining the best features of air mattresses and camping mats, self-inflating camping mats are really comfortable and easy to transport.

self inflating mattress

All in ones

Ideal for families short on space in the car, inflatable mattresses with built in bedding come with a handy carry bag and are available in adult and junior sizes.

all in ones

Cooking and eating

From folding tables and chairs to camping stoves and pots and pans, plates and cutlery to storage stands and cool boxes, we’ve got everything you need to cook up a storm.

Here’s our essential shopping list to help you stock up before your trip:

  • Outdoor dining set
  • Camping stools
  • Storage boxes
  • Camping stove
  • Camping gas
  • Camping pots and pans
  • Washing up equipment

And most importantly, food and drink!

Head torches and lanterns

Once it gets dark, make sure you have plenty of lights and torches around to help you find your way. Head torches are a convenient hands-free choice, and help you find your camping spot in the dark.

Other essentials

We’ve got a great range of windbreakers to keep you sheltered outside your tent or on the beach, water carriers to make sure you always have a fresh supply of water and even a mosquito net to keep little critters at bay.


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