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Finding the correct ring size

Whether you're buying a ring to mark a special occasion such as an engagement or wedding, or you're simply treating yourself, a good fit is a must.

We've created the following guides to help you find your perfect fit. Simply choose the most appropriate guide for your needs, both require you to have an existing ring and for accuracy we suggest you use a ring with a similar band width to the one you want to buy.

Both guides are simple and easy to us. You can either:

  • download and print our ring size PDF, and then match an existing ring to the circles to find the size or
  • use our on screen guide by holding your existing ring against the circle on the screen and using the scroll bar to find the correct size.
Download ring sizer.  This will open a new window. Digital ring sizer. is not responsible for the content of external websites. This link will open a new window.(To view the pdf file you will need to have Adobe Reader installed.)


Our ring sizer is provided as a guide only. For further assistance and a better idea of how the ring would fit, please visit our Jewellery counter in store for expert advice.

Digital Ring sizer

To use this ring sizing guide, first make sure you've got a ring that fits the finger you want to wear the new ring on, then

  • Place your ring over the circle on the screen ensuring that it is in the centre of your ring. Then using the scroll bar find the circle that fits the inside of the ring without overlapping the edges.
  • The letter highlighted is the closest fit to your ring.

Note: Please ensure that your browser is set to view at 100% zoom level. Without this the digital ring sizer could result in inaccurate size readings.


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Please place your ring in the center of the circle.
The mm size is the inside diameter of the ring.

Size A 12.04mm Size A 12.04mm
Size B 12.45mm Size B 12.45mm
Size C 12.85mm Size C 12.85mm
Size D 13.26mm Size D 13.26mm
Size E 13.67mm Size E 13.67mm
Size F 14.07mm Size F 14.07mm
Size G 14.48mm Size G 14.48mm
Size H 14.88mm Size H 14.88mm
Size I 15.29mm Size I 15.29mm
Size J 15.49mm Size J 15.49mm
Size K 15.90mm Size K 15.90mm
Size L 16.31mm Size L 16.31mm
Size M 16.71mm Size M 16.71mm
Size N 17.12mm Size N 17.12mm
Size O 17.53mm Size O 17.53mm
Size P 17.93mm Size P 17.93mm
Size Q 18.34mm Size Q 18.34mm
Size R 18.75mm Size R 18.75mm
Size S 19.15mm Size S 19.15mm
Size T 19.56mm Size T 19.56mm
Size U 19.96mm Size U 19.96mm
Size V 20.37mm Size V 20.37mm
Size W 20.78mm Size W 20.78mm
Size X 21.18mm Size X 21.18mm
Size Y 21.59mm Size Y 21.59mm
Size Z 21.79mm Size Z 21.79mm


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