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about our
product reviews

over 1 million customer reviews and counting

Why are product reviews
so important?

Gives our
a voice

We are always looking to make Argos better for our customers and product reviews let us do just that by hearing what you really think about our products.

Helps us
improve our

Think a product could be better? We listen to your feedback and use it to improve our products and ranges, giving you the control.

Lets customers
shop with

You're the experts with first-hand experience of using our products. By telling us about your experiences, you can help other customers make the right decision.

How do we collect our product reviews?


Made a purchase? We'll send an email inviting you to leave a product review.
Look out for chances to win Argos vouchers with your next review.


Our partners such as Samsung and Dyson also share reviews on our website from their customers - look out for their logo next to the review.

from argos

Argos Testers are an exclusive group of customers that are invited to test free products and submit independent reviews. Look out for reviews with the Argos Testers logo.

Our Testers Recommend

Jabra pulse wireless
Sports Headphones

Shop Jabra Pulse Wireless Sports Headphones now.
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"These are by far the best headphones I have ever had. Would highly recommend to others."

Yaz, Greater London, 22/11/2015

Nilfisk Powergrip 130
Pressure Washer

Shop Nilfisk Powergrip 130 Pressure Washer now.
Shop Now

"I found this product easy to put together and use. It is very powerful and very quick to use. The results are amazing, very pleased."

Dawn52, England, 18/03/2015

Bissel Compact
Rechargeable Sweeper

Shop Bissell Compact Rechargeable Sweeper now.
Shop Now

"Very easy to use. Once charged I was able to use in 5 rooms and still have charge left. It's great for using in between hoovering."

mrsb84, Chepstow, 06/05/2016

Bush 1400 Spin
Washing Machine

Shop Bush 1400 Spin Washing Machine now.
Shop Now

"Great washing machine. Barrel 7kg but takes loads of washing. Quiet when it spins... Very happy with product."

Charlie, Hastings, 19/04/2016

How do we make sure our
reviews are authentic?

The Bazaarvoice Authentic Reviews Trust Mark is a symbol of our dedication to authentic customer feedback. The trust mark shows that
each review has been independently verified as genuine, unbiased and fully transparent, so you can trust every comment.

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