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The Internet is a wonderful and exciting place where curious young minds can learn and explore. But it can also be a dangerous place. Give your kids the freedom to enjoy all the good stuff on the Web, while protecting them from the bad with Norton™ Family. Norton Family goes beyond traditional parental control software. It encourages discussion between you and your kids about what they do online so you can teach them safe behaviour and good cyber habits.

Norton Family tracks what sites your kids visit, what they search for, and how they represent themselves on social networking sites. Easy-to-read reports show your kids' online explorations. You can block specific sites, set limits on computer time, and check in on your kids from any computer connected to the Internet.

  • A smarter way to protect your kids online
  • Know what your kids are really doing online
  • Spot potential online dangers before they become real threats
  • Easily manage your kids’ computer time
  • Encourages your kids to talk to you about their online activities
  • Helps you teach your kids safe Internet habits
  • Extends internet safety for kids by letting you monitor their Android™ mobile device activities
  • Absolutely FREE—No strings attached

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Key features explained

  • Web monitoring & blocking:
    Tracks your kids' online activities and shows you at a glance ALL the websites your kids visit or attempt to visit using their PC or mobile device. Lets you block specific sites or sites that you feel are inappropriate for your kids.
  • Time limits:
    Lets you set limits on how much time each of your kids can spend on the computer. You can even limit computer use to specific hours or days of the week.
  • Social network monitoring:
    Shows you what social networking sites your kids belong to and lets you see the name, age, and profile picture they use on each site so you'll know how they represent themselves online.
  • Search monitoring:
    Tracks the words, terms, and phrases your kids search for online. Gives you greater insight into your kids' online interests and lets you know if they are intentionally seeking out blocked sites or inappropriate content.
  • Custom alerts:
    Automatically alerts you via email when kids do something they shouldn't such as ignore a warning or attempt to visit a blocked site.
  • Norton Family Mobile App:
    This free app lets you also keep an eye on your kids’ mobile device activities, so you can help keep them safe from mobile threats. Plus, it lets you access Norton Family from your mobile device, so you can monitor your kids’ online activities wherever you go.

For OS X 10.6 and 10.5 Mac users: Safari® 5.1 and later versions are not supported at this time. We recommend using Mozilla® Firefox® 4.x or later. For OS X 10.7 & 10.8 Mac users:Safari® 5.1 and later versions currently support only Web Monitoring and Web Blocking. Mozilla® Firefox® 4.x or later supports the Web Monitoring and Blocking features, plus monitoring of personal information, social networking, search and YouTube and Hulu videos. Norton Safety Minder for Mac and Mac Safari plug in are not available in all regions. Does not support iOS Apple Devices or Blackberry.


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