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Join the TV revolution. 4K Ultra HD takes Full HD and makes it 4x better to deliver dazzling visuals that are sharper, brighter and more vivid. The difference really is crystal clear.

What is 4K?

4K Ultra HD, sometimes known as UHD, takes television to a whole new level. It's all in the detail - a 4K television creates images using 8.3 million pixels while a Full HD TV uses just 2 million. That means every image on a 4K TV is 4x more detailed, and all that detail brings to life superior-quality pictures with more depth, more clarity and more colour. It's the ultimate viewing experience.

what are the benefits of a 4k tv?

incredible clarity

With an impressive 3840 X 2160 resolution, 4K Ultra HD televisions don't just give you greater definition. You also get richer, brighter colours, with more depth, making viewing more realistic than ever before.

upscale the everyday

4K Ultra HD televisions can boost standard and Full HD content to near 4K quality. This means you can bring the 4K experience to must-see sporting events, classic movies and breath-taking documentaries straight away.

TV's future

4K is the standard of television to come. 4K content is already available from many broadcasters and streaming services and more content is becoming available all the time. With a 4K Ultra HD TV you'll be set for all the highest-quality new releases

get closer to the action

Superior resolution means you can sit closer to the screen without noticing any reduction in quality. 4K Ultra HD TVs are available in sizes 40" to 58", but with ultra-slim frames you can accommodate a larger TV in your home without re-arranging the furniture.

From HD to 4K Ultra HD

Current HD TVs offer a resolution of 1920 X 1080. With 4K Ultra HD TVs almost quadrupling this resolution to an incredible 3840 X 2160, the difference in brightness, colour and definition is clear to see.

Full HD TV Quality

1920 X 1080

4K UHD Quality

3840 X 2160

True UHD

Understanding the digital Europe UHD Standards

Not all 4K UHD TVs provide the same viewing experience. TVs that feature the Ultra HD or the Ultra HD Premium logos
offer the 'true' Ultra HD experience.

What is certified UHD?

To qualify as Certified UHD, a TV must meet the full requirements set by Digital Europe. Digital Europe represents the digital technology industry in Europe, choose a TV with their True HD logo to guarantee genuine 4K quality.

  • A full pixel count of 3840 x 2160
  • Use red, green and blue pixels without additional or non RGB pixels
  • Standard UHD TVs have 25% white pixels
  • White pixels can distort colours and give them less expression

What is Ultra HD PREMIUM?

Ultra HD Premium is a certification that is awarded when a TV meets a strict set of Ultra HD standards and performance levels to offer a premium viewing experience.

They have exceptional Ultra HD resolution, over 1 billion colours, wide colour space and High Dynamic Range including peak brightness and black levels for you to enjoy.

What content can I watch in 4K Ultra HD?

A huge range of 4k entertainment content is being developed to take advantage of 4K Ultra HD TV's stunning visual potential.

Video streaming in 4K

Major streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube all provide 4K content and are continuing to expand their offering.

Broadcasting in 4K

Major film studios and broadcasters are rushing to meet the demand for 4K content. BT have already launched their 4K Ultra HD sports channel and Sky will launch Sky Q in 2016 which will include a wealth of 4K programming.

Get boosted quality now

4K Ultra HD televisions will instantly upscale standard and Full HD content, so you can enjoy your favourite programmes in enhanced quality immediately.

how do i connect?

hdmi Cable

It's simple. Connect your cable TV box, Blu-ray or other devices via a high speed HDMI cable straight into the HDMI port at the back of your TV.

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Internet connection

For streaming online content straight to your TV all you need is a fibre optic broadband connection. Take a look at our high-speed wireless modem routers so you can enjoy the flexibility of connecting to the internet from all around your home.

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  • Philips 43" 4K ULTRA HD FREEVIEW HD TV


    This Product is great

    This product has superb picture quality and is a sleek design. Easy to setup. Great value for the money, would definitely recommend.

    Nick24, Cheshire, 22/04/16
  • LG 49" 4K ULTRA HD TV


    This 4K tv is a great product

    This tv has transformed tv viewing, colour is fantastic and the picture quality is excellent. LG has really impressed me.

    Gllysgill, Essex, UK, 27/04/16


    Amazing TV

    Bought this at spur of the moment as my old TV gave up just before Christmas but very happy with the results amazing picture and sound and easy to set up and love the apps !!! Would definitely recommend to buy you won't regret!!!

    Terry1, London, 01/01/16
  • Samsung 55" 4K SMART LED TV


    The Best TV ive ever bought

    Excellent tv the picture and sound quality is amazing. The tv was so simple to set up and get working right away. It was very easy to mount on the wall and looks stunning. Just perfect and for what you get, it's simply outstanding value. Id recommend this tv all day long. Faultless.

    Tres, Plymouth, 05/04/2016


    Great product

    Easy set up even for a technophobe like me. Picture quality absolutely fantastic. Sound quality perfectly acceptable. Internet connectivity simple and effective. All in all a great product.

    Taff G, Lincolnshire, 16/2/16

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