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Top up the toy box


Ease your child into a world full of mind-blowing technology with our selection of electronic toys. With modern technology moving at a fast pace, there are even toys that you can hook up to smartphones and apps. There's a great range of cameras too so they can express a creative side by capturing photographs and videos from their own perspective. And, with everything from walkie talkies and electronic books, to microphones and robots, the choices are vast when it comes to finding something that will be suitable for your child. So, take your time, have a browse, and find something fun for your youngster today.

If you like combining the electronic element with play, then why not check out Lego Dimensions, which is a mix of building Lego whilst playing along with an interactive computer game. If you like your child to experiment with their imagination, get them some science toys and help them expand their creativity. However, if you want to get them out and active in the garden, why not get some water pistols for the summer, hoppers to bounce around on, or a razor scooter to whizz around the neighbourhood.

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