Sliding wardrobes



Our range of sliding wardrobes is a stylish storage option. Sets are customisable, so you can add or take away components to find a solution that fits your needs exactly. The system is sleek and compact, making the most of space and letting you keep everything neatly in its place.

With their simple gliding closure, these wardrobes are practical in compact rooms. Inside, you can choose rails to hang your favourite pieces, and use drawers and storage boxes to make sure everything has its place.

With external mirrors, sliding wardrobes have the added bonus of making your bedroom seem lighter and more spacious. Panels with a clean white finish coordinate with any colour scheme or style of décor. Add the final touches to your room by pairing your wardrobe with one of our glass dressing tables or minimalist beds. With a chest of drawers, you'll have all the space you need to keep your bits and bobs tucked away. And don't forget to throw down a super-soft rug for that final touch of cosiness.

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