Sliding wardrobes



Argos' selection of sliding wardrobes and accessories are designed to open up your space. Regardless of whether your bedroom is vast, or if there isn't a lot of area to work with, these clever cupboards will save a lot of hassle as you won't need to accommodate for out-swinging doors that are constantly bashing into your bedside cabinets or pulling up your rug. And, with the choice of built-in mirrors, you can model your own outfits with ease. These handy sliders will make your choice of furnishing and decorating more convenient. 


So, if you're looking to make the most of your bedroom now, why not look through the rest of our products. If the wardrobes don't provide enough storage space for your garments, we have a great range of hanging rails for you to choose from so you can avoid squashing them in. However, if you still need storage for more clothes, prefer flat-packing or just somewhere to chuck some bits and bobs, then a chest of drawers is the perfect solution.

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